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New feature in TEA: Do not miss the prizes in Fancitos and DameFans

There were interesting developments in TEA; the only extension to improve the experience in traffic exchange sites. The most important of them is as practical as it is easy to use. I tell you about it first because for the end there is more:

What does TEA do? It mainly shows the remaining time so you can jump or close the page in the most popular Internet traffic exchange sites. You know the most popular sites and you have them always accessible, among other things.

Have you ever lost a prize in Fancitos or Damefans? Does not it give you a tremendous rage to lose the prizes on traffic exchange sites? In EasyHits4U this theme has been solved for a long time; In this fantastic site, TEA is able to block, until you request, the captchas of the pages with prizes so you do not miss a single one.

However, in places like DameFans and ComparteUnClick, the prizes are delivered differently; After completing a certain number of actions (called clicks in both) and having spent 24 hours since the …