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TEA and EasyHits4U improved versions

There was news in EasyHits4U. This great site that allows us to get visits to our web, exchanging the same with the sites of other users. Of course if you want to invest money there are multiple plans for it.

Recently, EasyHits4U started to accept payments in bitcoins. In this way you can use this famous cryptocurrency to buy points and VIP memberships.

In addition also has updated the navigation panel from which we have to complete the actions to jump to the next page and where other details are shown. It has also changed the way the pages are displayed; Now the entire page is not reloaded, but only the page where the traffic is exchanged.

The latest versions of TEA, work correctly in this new panel of EasyHits4U. Remember that in addition to indicating the time remaining to jump to the next site, also blocks the captchas on the pages with prize. This becomes more relevant now that prize pages appear randomly on any page number.

You do not need to do anything to start enjoying TEA in…