TEA: New extension to improve the experience in traffic exchange sites

TEA. acronym for Traffic Exchange Assistant is my new extension that I recently published on the site for Chrome extensions (I will soon add it to other platforms and I will let you know about them). It's completely free, so you can install and use it right now.

If you know the traffic exchange sites and use them again and again you are in luck, this extension is designed for you. Among some advantages of using the extension we have:

  • Know the best sites to get free visits.
  • Know how much time is left to change pages without visiting the tab.
  • You never miss the prizes (for now only for EasyHits4U).
  • Saving bandwidth by reducing page load to essentials.
  • Save time by visiting tabs just when you need them.
  • Knowing how much time is needed to start a new official day at each site.
  • More features and functionality to be added in the future.

TEA (Traffic Exchange Assistant): New extension to improve the experience in traffic exchange sites

Its intention is to make easier the task of exchanging web traffic, as much of pages as of videos because also works with sites that accept this modality of change.

For example, in Comparte Un Click will show the remaining time for the pages (here it is not important because we are forced to display the page), but also for the videos as tab title. This way it is much more comfortable to know how much time is missing. It does the same with EasyHits4U and YouLikeHits.

Convert this:

In this:


In EasyHits4U, in addition to showing the remaining seconds in the text of the tab, also blocks the captcha in the prize pages, if it has not yet been claimed. Thus you will not forget to claim the prize with the consequent disgust that it produces.

In YouLikeHits also works with SoundCloud audios, as well as with videos, when playing them, as well as with web pages.

It is also possible to know how much time is missing (for now only in hours and in the favorites tab) to start a new official day in each site. This is because once a new day begins the visit counters are reset and the prizes are again available.

In addition, it also stops the page when the loading exceed a considerable time after loading the counters back. This prevents even the slowing down of the counters in some places and it saves almost always bandwidth without impeding the correct operation of the site.

The operation is very similar to URL MultiShortener, as it has the same panel with tabs including the favorites and the buttons work similarly, sent to the user to the page of the exchange sites.

While a preferred page is not set (which will be visited by clicking on the site button once this has been established), the button will send to the page of the sites and will open with panel with help and information, in addition to the form to establish this page preferred.

It is in spanish and english and soon will be adding more sites to exchange visits and other features. I hope you like it and find it useful.

Donwload in chrome.google.com

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